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Reboots, revamps, remakes, prequels, spin-offs, or any other things that we call, we know that Hollywood always has a way to popularize the franchises to get new audiences from the next generation.

Let’s say Dune Part 1, which is the remake of 30 years ago. And, there is Matrix: Resurrection, which is the sequel of the past trilogies which grab the attention of the new generation.

This trend is not surprising anymore for us, at least for avid movies and series fans like you. What has changed is the way we are following the trend. Gone are the days when we relied on local movie theaters to catch up with the latest movies. Now, we can use a free resource like putlocker site to find the best platform to watch our favorite movies. As we know, there are a lot of streaming services on the net that offer the same thing. But not all of them are trustworthy and reliable. You will want to take the options from a good source. And if you are looking for the best guides to find the particular streaming platforms, putlocker is indeed your number 1 option. Also check out other sites with video links. E.g. movie4u online, azmovies, yeahmovies, 5movies, cmovies, yomovies. On each of these pages you will find series and movies.

There is the same thing about cable, TV channels, and movie theaters. They all have restricted schedules. Meanwhile, not all of us are working 5-9 and just bare with the long queue lines when purchasing the cinema tickets. Not to mention, you must prepare everything before going to the cinema, and spend more money on your expenses. With the help of putlocker free, you will no longer deal with those difficulties. This site will give you the best guides you need to reserve the option to watch your favorite movies and TV series.

Will you find popular movies and series on Putlocker?

The short answer is indeed YES. the putlocker tv will recommend you to the right platforms where you can watch the popular movies and series in no time. For those who haven’t known, putlockers official website is a free streaming guide site that is solely created to help you to find the right platforms to watch movies, shows, series, and other video content online.

The putlocker123 focuses on sharing the accurate information containing legal and trustworthy live streaming platforms that you can use without any problem. You can use the great features on the site to narrow down the list of the movies based on several variables like genres, years, and so on.

You can choose the particular streaming services that provide the movies and series coverages for you. The putlocker9 is ready to help you to find the specific content based on your personal taste and requirement. The best part of it is that you don’t need to spend a single dime to use the guides. All is free of cost. 

Finding movie links on Putlocker TV has never been easier

It is not exaggerating to say that putlockers2 is better than a common search engine like Google. Finding movies or series through this site is very easy. All of the links shared in the site are legal. Our staff are using high standards to screen the VOD platforms. Our best reviewers are honest with their assessment. Therefore, you will find the best VOD platforms recommended in this site to view your favorite movie and series. The site of putlocker movies will show you the best places to visit to legally watch your favorite movies and series. The site will keep you updated with what is new in Hollywood and other areas. The simple filter system and friendly user-interface are the versatile features you will be using in the site. With those features, you can track your favorite films and shows. But more importantly, you will be able to land on the right page to attain the video content you want.

Get the information from putlocker free and you will never regret your decision to register an account on this site. The putlockers' new site uses the data to figure out what the visitors really want. With such sophisticated technology, the site will quickly give you the results of VOD services and recommendations right after you hit the search button. Discovering the great video content online has never been easier like this before.

Genres of movies and series that our users love

Every viewer tends to get attracted to a specific movie genre. While you might be fond of the Horror genre, your friends could be fond of the comedy genre, for instance.

Some people have a lot of preferences. And if you are one of them, let us congratulate you since you can find all movies from any genre in the putlocker site.

Comedy Genre

Comedies often break many cultures and barriers. This genre often challenges storytelling. But comedies have been branched a lot. Comedy cannot be said as a standalone genre. You can see a lot of films which are described as Comedy-Horror, Comedy-Thriller, Comedy-Romance, and so on.

Comedy is not only guaranteeing your big laughs, but also lets your mind be more open and creative.


Who doesn’t know John McClane? He is a fictional character from the Die Hard franchise. When it comes to action movies, all of the huge fans could relate to the familiarity. In these movies, the heroes have their own barriers and challenges. But Action movies should be about powerful and breath-taking scenes. When looking for folks whom you can rely on, you might want to look at Rambo movies. Or, if you are an avid fan of the stars, consider taking the action to the Expendable series. You can get all of the guides from putlockers website for sure.


Romance has never been wrong for romance seekers, couples, and folks who appreciate love. Creators are very creative in telling the stories but most of them have the same roots. It is about an encounter, falling in love, parting, and so on.  Romance films attract viewers who have an emotional thirst. The emotional climax given in the movie is what they need to stay relevant.

Other popular genres

The other popular genres of movies that are worth checking are Fantasy, Thrillers, Horrors, Biopic, Sci Fiction, and so on. So, what genre of movie do you want to watch? Don’t forget to find the best guides in putlocker only.