How do movies affect our emotions

Dramas or comedy, what to choose?

When we have a bad mood sometimes we want to watch sad dramas movies because we can find connection with the main character of the move, which help us to spark an emotional response to it. We can ask a question: How do movies affect our emotions? Study shows that watching comedy or dramatic movies could help us to increase the level of releases oxytocin. Check out Yomovies online or Yeahmovies websites, if you are interested in best movies.

Movie can release our emotions in positive and negative way. If we for example fell depressed, and we start watching series about sad things, our brain can start to feel more and more depressed. Specially if we get connection with the main character of movie. Study shows that people who cried during watching a sad movie, felt better and more relaxed after the movie. But when we have a good mood, and we are trying to find a good way to spend our time with our girlfriend or boyfriend - comedy movies will be the best choice because during watching them our brain will get extra boost of endorphins.

How do movies affect our emotions? The best summary of all of that is that everything depends on the mood of the viewer and skill of the movie director. If he has enough skill and knowledge he can easily manipulate with our emotions in all ways he want. Check out 5movies, Zmovies and Solarmovies123 websites, if you looking for best quality movies.