Which series are worth watching?

What to watch on a lazy day?

Are you tired after the workweek? The weather outside doesn't really encourage you to leave your house? Or do you just want to have a nice and lazy evening just for yourself? Netflix and chill became one of the best lazy ways to spend your time. Although, having so much choice, you can spend hours browsing the Netflix library, trying to find something suitable for you. Which series are worth watching? Below you will find a short guide that might help you to choose wisely. Check out 5movies, Yeah movies websites, if you looking for good film.

Something funny

Looking for some good comedy? You must try the Superstore then! To anyone who has ever worked in retail, this series will be really relatable. You can also try The Community – the whole spectrum of characters stuck with each other in a community college group. Do you like police-themed series? No problem, look for Brooklyn 99. You will never get bored with the main character, Jake Peralta, and his coworkers.

Something warm

Do you ever wonder what your life will look like when you get old? Hopefully, it will be as great as it is for two ladies, Grace and Frankie. This production is the perfect mix of heartwarming moments and ridiculous adventures of ladies in more, let's say, mature age.

Something dynamic

Feeling more adventurous? What about a story of people living in a post-apocalyptic world? After climate catastrophe only chosen ones could save their lives by boarding the Snowpiercer – a train with 1001 cars that circles the Earth and never stops. Like in every society, you will find there unfair class diversification which will lead to the rebellion. It will change everything.

Hopefully, this short list will help you choose the perfect series for the movie night. And what's most important – all of the mentioned productions have at least 3 seasons, so they will stay with you for a longer while. If you looking for good quality movies check out Solarmovie free and Movie4u.